Performance Analysis Tool

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Update: 4/11/2020

There is a link in Commvault Books Online now which details the use of the tool.

In a previous post I discussed some ways to analyze and troubleshoot performance in Commvault. With the introduction of Commvault 11.0 Service Pack 16 recently, included in this update is a new tool to analyze performance to determine the source(s) of the problem and recommend remediation steps.

The Performance Analysis Tool aggregates data from various logs at the job level and determines the at which point along the job the most time is being spent, or that may be anomalous to the other values. For example, if a job takes 30 hours to complete and the majority of the time is spent calculating deduplication then we know the problem most likely is related to the MediaAgent hosting the deduplication database. This sort of breakdown is already completed for you with the CVPerfMgr.log located on the MediaAgent. What the tool does is take out the requirement to analyze this log and analyzes it for you and most importantly, provides recommendations to improve performance.

In order to run the Performance Analysis Tool, the CommServe and all applicable MediaAgents should be at Service Pack 16. The tool runs at the job level so if there are one or more clients with issues the run against multiple jobs with one for each client. A more broad-based approach may be required such as one or more jobs per IDA type if the issue is global or regionally specific. To run the tool, all that is necessary is to utilize the send logs feature. The transfer (not total) backup time must exceed 10 minutes for the job performance to be analyzed otherwise the log will not contain any analysis. In addition, unless you are having Commvault support analyze the data, you can modify the ‘send logs’ job to output locally and not upload, nor send via email to support. Finally, when outputting to a local drive the output is compressed in a file format with a .7z extension. If you don’t have software that will extract this you can get open source software, 7-Zip, that will here

Once the ‘send logs’ job completes navigate to the output and extract. Once extracted, navigate to the MediaAgent log and extract that as well. Navigate into the MediaAgent log in which you will find a log called, PerfAnalysis_.log. Open this log. The analysis and remediation recommendations are in the log and self-explanatory.