Missing NSISUnicode Folder

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To minimize the software package size you can download only the package components to be utilized in the environment. This may include just the file system, or additional packages such as Oracle, MediaAgent, SQL, and VSA client packages. This helps bring the file size down considerably. However, when the size was reduced a required package was missing from the ThirdParty folder. If we had downloaded the full set of software this would not have been an issue

Looking at the install log we see an error during the final stage where the output is compiled into a single executable installation file. This is due to a missing file called makensis.exe in the <download package location>\WinX64\ThirdParty\NSISUnicode directory. Looking at the directory structure of the software download and indeed the folder NSISUnicode is missing.

The resolution is to download the full set of packages for the same version including maintenance version to another location if not already downloaded. Copy the NSISUnicode directory from there and to <download package location>\WinX64\ThirdParty\NSISUnicode re-run package installation without error. The directory is fairly small. It is important the versions match before copying otherwise results could be unpredictable.

figure 1: image-center